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December 9th, 2008

08:31 pm - Yogoodness
"If you live intentionally that is a good thing" - quoting yoga instructor, he made me feel really good when he said that...

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November 21st, 2008

12:43 am - thoughts?
Should I get bangs?

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November 5th, 2008

07:57 pm - In akhokein masti ke...
Ek tum hi nehi tanha
ulfat mei meri ruswa
ish saher mei tum jaise
diwana hazaro hei

Ish shamme faroza ko
andhi se darate ho
ish shamme faroza ke
parwane hazaro hai

in akhokein masti ke
mastane hazaron hai

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October 22nd, 2008

11:15 pm - Arnob in English?
And for you,
From that sky
I have brought a small piece of cloud
Now you - Make it into rain
Right now,
For me,
Right now
And with that rain we will make a roof
And on that roof we shall sleep
And then that roof will break
And that water will turn into air
And what will you do with that air?

So isn’t it better
That we find a piece of cloud
Right now
For us
Right now
And dive into it with our eyes shut
Right now
For us
Right now

For you
From that Sky…

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September 29th, 2008

02:59 pm - Happy Birthday Baba
Today is Abbu's Birthday. He would have been 54. How am I celebrating it?
I don't know...it's hard to celebrate when all you feel is down inside. His death was so long ago now that it's become a part of me. And therefore his memories come and go casually most of the time without tears.

But there is this heaviness today, more than last year, more than last few years that creped up after I got to work. I had a dumb argument with one of the closest people to me which ended up with me hanging up the phone with an abrupt "this is not a good time to talk, bye." And then my eyes started pouring. I looked down and the tears started placing themselves all over my key board, warm tears, that lasted about 5 minutes...and then I called a friend a cried out loud...

After 20 minutes of conversation I was feeling better again...laughing and talking with a slightly broken voice. This friend of mine some how always has the power to heal...one day he will heal the whole world...I know it...or at least our Bangladesh or certain important parts of it.

So Baba is gone. I am celebrating him inside, with a heart full of tears, happy birthday Abbu, you have not changed...but I have...wish I got to know you better...

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02:58 pm - My piece on DNC on Forum
One of my DNC pieces was published today on Forum:


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September 28th, 2008

10:47 pm - where is youth?
Where exactly is he?

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02:38 am - Revisiting Costa Rica
I found this piece that i wrote after coming back from Costa Rica in 2005, it really made me want to go back...

>...got to San Jose and rented our four wheeler, headed to the shitty down
>town of San Jose which such a sorry place, I guess it’s the Dhaka of
>Bangladesh, but Dhaka has some pretty spots…okay maybe not, but I guess I
>didn’t feel any connection with that city, I was happy to leave the next
>morning for Arenal, the live volcano that breathed out lava, and that’s
>when I saw paradise, on our way up the mountain with the narrow roads and
>the locals all around, living in fertile land with green, red and blue.
>Fire, earth and the ocean…they are so lucky, I think I know now what
>paradise must look like, I am impressed beyond imagination…
>We went Kayaking in the river next…saw bunch of monkeys, long nosed bats,
>lots and lots of beautiful birds and then a crocodile, it jumped in the
>water right when I was done taking a picture, boy did I paddle away fast
>out of that area…the rainforest was unbelievable…
>Next we went to Monte Verde, stayed at the most amazing place, it was up on
>the cloud forest with a view of the lake and volcano from the side which
>erupts continuously all night, the room had glass walls so all night when I
>would wake up I would see the volcano and the clouds which played with it.
>Went hiking as well, and bath in clouds that swam by…
>Next day went to do zip cables, a canopy tour, you basically hang on these
>zip cables hundreds of feet above ground, above the rainforest, I was
>amazed that I had that much guts, it was something else, it ended with a
>tarzan free fall thing, which I screamed through, but I was so proud of
>myself afterwards :)
>After Samara we headed south to Manuel Antonio, and there we stayed at
>Costa Verde with the most amazing view, the pictures look like post cards
>and I stayed up just to watch the ocean in all it’s phases and the sky in
>all it’s colors, it was soo out of the world, so out of the world, I know I
>keep saying this, but seriously, I have no words to describe it, and these
>pictures don’t do any justice. The orange Iguana stayed with us in the next
>tree, it scared the hell out of me as it was same size as me, but he was a
>lazy dude and stayed like that all day. And last but not least swam in the
>pacific and white water rafted at the orange river, which was took a lot of
>nerve from my end, as a first timer in a level 4 rafting it was a crazy, my
>whole face was pale, but our guide was awesome, and he saved me once from
>falling off and getting swept to the pacific.

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September 23rd, 2008

04:33 pm - always moving
I saw an old friend today after two years. Had a nice time catching up, it was flat but at the same time comforting. Someone who has seen me and I have seen him through a world of insanity and then self searching. He lives far away now, he is always moving. Someone even less "grounded" than i am, a life i could easily get use to. "There is a world out there" he said, "with so many different people, it's nice to get out." And I thought after how many times of the same conversation with different people does a place get old...
Current Mood: contentcontent

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September 19th, 2008

04:28 pm - Arnob Concert Tickets
If you live in the DC, the DC metro area, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, come to the Arnob Concert we are organizing in DC October 18, 2008. Buy tickets at: https://arnobconcert-dc.ticketleap.com/

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